About Me

My name is Alexander Henderson and I am currently a first year student in the Animation program at Sheridan College

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animation Samples

I figured since I am in an animation program I should probably get around to posting some animations. These are just some rough pencil tests of some character animation that I have done.

Various Character Design Work/Commissions

It's been a while since I updated this thing, so I decided to upload some character designs I made, some my own creation, others I was commissioned to do.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Character Design Work

These are some various model sheets that I have created in my character design class.

Life Drawing at the Zoo

Recently I got a chance to go to the zoo to do some life drawing. It was a cold day but I got lot's of drawings done, and I had a lot of fun doing it. The ones done in black ink are gestures (around 30 sec. - 4 minutes), while the shaded studies were at least 20 mins each.

Hands and Feet Drawings

Another one of my life drawing portfolios, this one featuring drawings of human hands and feet.

Bone Studies

This was a portfolio that I put together for my life drawing class, featuring my best drawings of all the bones in the human body. The main portfolio was divided into the skull, the pelvis, the limbs, the spine, and the scapula.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Painting is not my best subject, I've come to learn that over the last couple of months, but I'm certainly not giving up. These are a couple of paintings that I made last semester (i.e. the ones that I don't find completely objectionable). This includes a couple of texture studies, a reproduction of a background from the Lion King, and some atmospheric clouds.

More stuff from before college...

I found some more stuff that I did before I started the animation program, and thought I would post it in case any of my classmates are interested.

Pre College Stuff

This blog is going to be a showcase of some of my student work, but before I post my work from the Sheridan Animation program, I figured I'd post some of my stuff from before college. Some of this is portfolio stuff, others just random bits of art.

A little note to anyone who knows me in real life, I am aware that my character design for my portfolio looks similar to me, I would just like to point out that my hair was not this long when I designed him and I did not have a ponytail at the time, so any resemblance is just a coincidence.